Why I'm Running

We have to ease the

burden of student loans

We have to increase

mental health resources

We have to enhance opportunities for all

We need to ease student loan burden by:

  • Focusing on all costs incurred by students (not just tuition) and find ways to offer affordable housing and transportation.

  • Allow for loans to help students cover the costs of car, insurance, and food expenses.

  • Creating partnerships with lendors for lower-interest loans.

We need to enhance mental health resources by:

  • Increasing counselors and therapists numbers and hours at student health.

  • Partnering with local medical professionals to accept student health insurance.

  • Increasing funding and training for staff/faculty to recognize mental health issues.

We need to increase internship programs for occupational certificate students by:

  • Encouraging certificates for students who do not need a 2 or 4 year degree.

  • Partnering with local companies (such as auto shops) to offer internships to PCC students with tracks to employment after certificate is earned.

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